[Free]GLUT and MPX

Florian Echtler floe at butterbrot.org
Mon Apr 6 03:49:16 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

a student of mine did his diploma thesis with MPX last year, and I just
noticed that the FreeGLUT patch which he wrote is still lying around
unnoticed. This patch adds additional callbacks through which you can
get the multi-pointer events from MPX, thereby making it quite easy to
build multipointer-enabled OpenGL applications.

I already posted this to the FreeGLUT mailing list last fall, but it was
rejected due to non-portability. However, I think this is still
something that shouldn't be forgotten, which is why I now posted the
patch to our project website - you can find it here: 
The patch applies against the current HEAD revision from today (April
6th, 2009). Peter, maybe you would like to have a short look at it?

On a related note, I'd be curious if it would be worth the effort to
port this patch to the Mesa-internal GLUT implementation - it seems that
this one is not really used anymore?

Many thanks, Yours, Florian

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