Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Tue Apr 7 01:22:47 PDT 2009

Le Mar 7 avril 2009 02:43, Mark Wagner a écrit :
> I'm busy updating the Linux branch of a cross-platform toolkit that
> was last updated in 1994.


> Is there a good online document on how to program for XWindows using
> Xlib?

XWindows changed a lot since 1994. Legacy stuff is still available but
not really supposed to be used anymore, and in particular (and of
special interest to toolkit authors) nowadays to display text you
should go through XFT and fontconfig and not use legacy Core X11 font

IMHO, if you intend to update your toolkit for another 15 years of
use, your should first evaluate switching to a higher-level library
such as cairo instead of continuing to use XLib directly. cairo (via
pangocairo) will use the modern font stack, and is now a foundation
library for gtk, firefox, (soon), and many others.

Nicolas Mailhot

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