Alan Cox alan at
Tue Apr 7 09:56:01 PDT 2009

> several mission-critical applications that has seen two and a half
> decades of development based on Xlib.  (... with all the assumptions

Commiserations but at least Xlib today is back compatible. Try a 25 year
old windows app and weep.

> I'd be very surprised if I was alone in this situation.

Probably not although I suspect the need to provide accessibility in much
software today is finally burying the hatchet.

> Being condescending and insulting is not helpful.

I was replying in a style consistent with your email

> In a fairer universe, I'd be able to step up and offer the time
> necessary to learn the changes and write the documenation folks like
> me seek for X.Org.  Though, that may be the help that is needed --
> I've been told more than a few times that documentation I write is not
> easily understood :-(.  I'd be happy if I had the time to support the
> back-compatibilty in X core functionality that we're depending on.
> Alas, this universe is not so kind.

There shouldn't be any breakage of compatibility in old old apps. You may
have problems with fonts and with some extra libraries where the
distribution vendors no longer ship those extensions by default or at all.
That is much more a distribution change and since extensions are exactly
that quite allowable (if annoying in some cases)

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