Patrick O'Donnell pao at
Tue Apr 7 13:27:19 PDT 2009

>Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 17:56:01 +0100
>From: Alan Cox <alan at>
>> several mission-critical applications that has seen two and a half
>> decades of development based on Xlib.  (... with all the assumptions
>Commiserations but at least Xlib today is back compatible. Try a 25 year
>old windows app and weep.

A good point.

>> I'd be very surprised if I was alone in this situation.
>Probably not although I suspect the need to provide accessibility in much
>software today is finally burying the hatchet.

Another.  We're not running into that one in our market (yet).

>There shouldn't be any breakage of compatibility in old old apps. ...

Perhaps not compatibility, strictly speaking, but we're going to miss
our old friends backing store and save unders.  Their demise feels
like a breakage of compatibility, as the X servers we've used have all
had reasonably aggressive offering of the optimizations (til now).
(We have been strongly depending on their existence, incorrectly.)
One of our applications has a very expensive redraw cycle that we now
have to decide how we are going to manage when backing store is not
being supplied.  This "extra work" at this point in time creates a
certain amount of frustration that I impolitely let show in my earlier

		- Patrick

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