How can I refresh keycode to keysym mapping?

Edward marslee_suc at
Tue Apr 7 22:30:12 PDT 2009

Hi all,
I want to get keysym with XKeycodeToKeysym method, but I found when I change keyboard layout using setxkbmap –layout 
in another process, The XKeycodeToKeysym return the old layout keysym.
For example:
Firstly, I run “setxkbmap –layout us”. I get “z” for XKeycodeToKeysym(disply, 52,0), then I run “setxkbmap –layout de” in 
another process I also get “z” for XKeycodeToKeysum(display, 52,0). I think it should return “y”. It seems that I omit to update 
key mapping, but I don’t know how to update it immediately in my code. 

Any idea is welcome.

Thank you in advance.
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