Corbin Simpson mostawesomedude at
Wed Apr 8 12:55:09 PDT 2009

tv wrote:
> It's so wonderful when essential features like saveunders are removed.

Save-under and backing store have never been guaranteed to be honored by
the Xserver.

> Now you'll get hordes of people complaining and thinking your software
> is buggy because applications are constantly redrawing under it...

You are not a "hordes." You're not even a single horde. You completely
and totally lack the horde-ness. You are not one with the horde.

> the assholes in power removed essential features without providing a 
> subsitute, like a generic CM that isn't a complete joke. (And CMs are
> overall a fucking joke and a waste of CPU cycles and memory... unless
> you can somehow emulate just saveunders etc. without storing all the
> hundred windows in memory... but all this has *piss-poor* documentation
> in a typical fashion.)

Dude, you're talking about compositing managers being a waste of cycles
and memory, but are you even aware of how much of our time you're
wasting? My compositing manager is xcompmgr, and it makes dragging
windows around a bit slow if my EXA is turned off. You, on the other
hand, require me to actually physically get up, walk over to the
computer that has my email, sit down again, scratch my head for a few
minutes thinking up suitable flames that gently point out why you're
being lame while also attempting to embarrass you (all the while
mourning the fact that by writing said flames I regrettably lower myself
 to the level of your trolling,) type out these dozens of lines of
writing, and click "Send." I could be writing code right now! Or playing
music! Talking on the phone, riding my bike, hitting on girls... I could
be living out life to the fullest, but instead I'm here replying to your
troll. Now *that* is a waste of cycles and memory.

> There's just no way to keep up with all the shit the FOSScracy throws
> at you, unless you're one of the big projects with immense resources,
> and indeed part of the FOSScracy.

Write an application that understands that backing store is an
optimization that the server may not actually honor, and no pain would
have ever befallen you.

~ C.

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