shave support for xserver

Eric Anholt eric at
Wed Apr 8 14:17:37 PDT 2009

Some of those VENDOR_* defines are already in other headers.  I don't really
care where they live or what they're called, but it does seem like quite a mess
how they're sprinkled about right now (a subset in dix-config.h, some copies
for xorg ddx only, the whole set now in version-config.h).  Is VENDOR_MAN_*
even used anywhere?  Does anyone else care about what these defines look like?

Also, with the cleaned up logs, there are some glaring errors.  Mostly in input,
though it's hard to tell signal from noise with the mieqEnqueue change that
looks like it's only half done (since the callers are passing the old struct
in all the time), and all the deprecation warnings about lookups.

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