Behdad Esfahbod behdad at
Wed Apr 8 14:34:48 PDT 2009

/me is not sure why he's still replying to this thread

On 04/08/2009 05:24 PM, Thomas Dickey wrote:
>>> Please download one of the latest releases in order to get an
>>> API-stable version of cairo.
>> Not sure where you are quoting this from.
> (I was curious if there was some documentation there).
>>> If only the latest release is "API-stable", by definition it's not
>>> stable.

This cannot be deduced from that line.  You need to review your math.

>> Have fun quoting out of context.
> Not at all. In each case, it's the first sentence on the page.
> That should be the most informative.

If your attention span is so short that you can't be bothered to read two 
lines before judging, you really shouldn't be dealing with code.

 > Reading further on each page,
> the quality does go down noticeably, so let's refrain from discussing
> _that_.


> (my expectation is that the webpage will say something nicer things than
> the sources themselves would on close inspection, so it was a good
> starting point).

Funny how you say "lets look at the code" and then check two wiki pages...


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