Pat Kane pekane52 at
Wed Apr 8 17:31:25 PDT 2009

 [ sitting in dark left  Xorg corner
   an EMACS  luser trying to swat a fly
   lifts his arm at the exact wrong time...]

If you do no thave time/energy  to send the raw bug  info to this list,
send it to me and I will clean it up and forward it to *zilla for you.

Xorg ombudsman elect,


On 4/8/09, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 April 2009, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> You want a bug report?  Let us file the bug without half an hour filling
>>> out forms and such to register for yet another service that may generate
>>> even more spam. Screw it.

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