Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Apr 8 18:29:28 PDT 2009

On Wed, Apr 08, 2009 at 06:07:07PM +0000, tv wrote:
> It's so wonderful when essential features like saveunders are removed.
> Now you'll get hordes of people complaining and thinking your software
> is buggy because applications are constantly redrawing under it... when
> the assholes in power removed essential features without providing a 
> subsitute, like a generic CM that isn't a complete joke. (And CMs are
> overall a fucking joke and a waste of CPU cycles and memory... unless
> you can somehow emulate just saveunders etc. without storing all the
> hundred windows in memory... but all this has *piss-poor* documentation
> in a typical fashion.)
> There's just no way to keep up with all the shit the FOSScracy throws
> at you, unless you're one of the big projects with immense resources,
> and indeed part of the FOSScracy.

I'm happy for you (and somewhat surprised) that you actually have the
time to work out what our spam filters are by brute force, but would you
kindly fuck off? The grown-ups are trying to work.
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