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Thu Apr 9 06:52:18 PDT 2009

Twas brillig at 09:31:01 09.04.2009 UTC-04 when jg at did gyre and gimble:

 JG> So the X11 core font design is fundamentally a mistake, which we
 JG> fixed.

Given this topic resurfaced again, I'd like to ask the related question:
core X fonts had the feature of being controlled by server settings
(XRDB), so applications did ajust the fonts according to the per-display
preferences (given the XRDB settings for the each display were set
correctly), so it was possible to have radically different fonts on tiny
LCD screen on netbook and hude 2m-sized display, not limited to
recalculating size due to different DPI.

Is there equivalent functionality with Xft? And whose responsibility it
is now, if this functionality is not here: applications, toolkits or
something else?

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