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> > That's undoubtable true since we like to think we learn from past
> > mistakes. Recurring evidence to the contrary not withstanding.
> Thanks.

  The above paragraph was a statement about "computer science" in
general, not you personally. I was thinking of YOU and Keith, and
Denise, and Bob when I was writing the following paragraph:

> > 
> > But I for one think you guys did one hell of a good job 
> coming up with
> > X11. There are a lot more things right with it than there are wrong.
> > Most of those 20 year old programs do still work. You can't say that
> > about a lot of systems.
> Backing store and saveunders have *always* been hints.

> So I disagree with your conclusion. 
>                          - Jim

  I wasn't refering to backing store or save unders or any other feature
specificly. I was refering to MY impression of what I perceive as the
philosophy of the "new" set of developers.

Mike McDonald

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