[Question] vesa driver with RandR 1.2

Kan-I Jyo cecilhsujp at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 04:54:23 PDT 2009

Dear list,

I am currently using xserver-xorg-video-vesa 1.3.0 along with
xrandr 1.2 on one of my laptop.

It is to my curiosity that is there any support on RandR in vesa
driver since it seems to fail detecting an external monitor.

I have taken a look on the git tree of vesa driver and it seems
that support for RandR 1.2 is on the TODO list.


... snip ...
 * TODO:
 * - PanelID might give us useful size hints.
 * - Port to RANDR 1.2 setup to make mode selection slightly better
 * - Port to RANDR 1.2 to drop the old-school DGA junk
 * - VBE/SCI for secondary DDC method?
... snip ...

Is there any means to use the external monitor with vesa driver?



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