[xserver] building xserver with glx but without DRI/DRM

Rob Currey robc at graphon.com
Mon Apr 13 13:13:39 PDT 2009

First I've got the latest git source for lib/proto/util/xcb/data built

I then build a minimal bit of app (mkfontdir, mkfontscale, xinit, xkbcomp)

I'm building Mesa 7.4 using:
tar xvzf MesaLib-7.4.tar.gz ; tar xvzf MesaGLUT-7.4.tar.gz ; tar xvzf 
MesaDemos-7.4.tar.gz ; cd Mesa-7.4 ; 
./configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --enable-static --disable-driglx-direct --with-driver=xlib; 
gmake; make install

(this is building fine)

NOTE: --disable-driglx-direct --with-driver=xlib

I then try xserver using this config:
./autogen.sh --prefix=${PREFIX} \
                   --enable-maintainer-mode \
                   --enable-static=yes \
                   --enable-shared=no \
                   --disable-werror \
                   --disable-debug \
                   --disable-aiglx \
                   --disable-composite \
                   --disable-xv \
                   --disable-xvmc \
                   --disable-dga \
                   --disable-dri \
                   --disable-dri2 \
                   --disable-xf86vidmode \
                   --disable-xselinux \
                   --disable-xcalibrate \
                   --disable-tslib \
                   --disable-dpms \
                   --disable-config-hal \
                   --disable-xorg \
                   --disable-dmx \
                   --disable-xvfb \
                   --enable-xnest \

but this fails with:
<compile snipped>
In file included from glxdriswrast.c:39:
/usr/include/GL/internal/dri_interface.h:45:17: error: drm.h: No such file 
or directory
In file included from glxdriswrast.c:39:
<errors snipped>

So, is it possible to build xserver with GLX *but* without DRI/DRM?
I realize it would, and in my case should, be software rendered ... I just 
want to be able to prove I can build Xorg *everywhere* (including 
non-linuxen, non-dri enabled OS's, etc) with a software rendered 
implementation of GLX within Xnest ...

If I'm missing something obvious please LMK


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