Matrox G550 dual head crashes 1.5.2 server

Dieter und Sigrid Henskes ds.henskes at
Wed Apr 15 01:14:12 PDT 2009

I run a Matrox G550 card in dual head mode. This worked fine under Xorg 7.2 ( 
Linux Kernel in SUSE 10.3 ). But this crashes the Server 1.5.2 
under Xorg 7.4 in SUSE 11.1 ( Linux Kernel ). Matrox Support tells 
me their driver does not support the current Xorg-Server.

I tried to install xorg-server-X11R7.2-1.2.0. But this will not compile under 
the 7.4 environment. Now I should like to install the complete Xorg 7.2 but I 
do not find a comprehensive installation package in the Xorg download area. 
The src directory contains lots of small tar-files. Is there anywhere 
complete 7.2 release?

Do I stand a chance to succeed with my plan to install 7.2 under Linux 2.6.27, 
or are there hidden dependencies between Xorg and the Kernel?

Should I choose another card? 

Best regards

D. & S. Henskes
Blammerbergstr. 32
71263 Weil der Stadt

Tel.  : 07033 2154
E-Mail: ds.henskes at

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