Regressions when upgrading 7.2 -> 7.4, ATI Radeon 9250 PCI

Jeremy Henty onepoint at
Sun Apr 19 01:59:03 PDT 2009

I am upgrading Xorg 7.2 to 7.4  and have had some problems that may be
worth noting.  The  big one was that 7.4 wouldn't work  at all until I
added  'Modes "1280x1024"' to  my Display  subsections.  Before  I did
that it would just blackscreen, and then the monitor would power save.
While it's nice  to have a workaround, it's  clearly a regression that
7.4 needs the workaround and 7.2 does not.

Possibly related issues...   

Xorg  7.4  failed to  recognise  my ATI  Radeon  9250  PCI card.   7.2
generated a configuration with:

        Driver      "ati"
        VendorName  "ATI Technologies Inc"
        BoardName   "RV280 [Radeon 9200 PRO]"
        BusID       "PCI:1:6:0"

but 7.4 got:

        Driver      "radeon"
        VendorName  "Unknown Vendor"
        BoardName   "Unknown Board"
        BusID       "PCI:1:6:0"

Also, 7.4 logged a weird line:

    (II) RADEON(0): Setting screen physical size to 54 x 3688

There's nothing like that in the 7.2 log.

I'm running GNU/Linux, kernel, gcc 4.1.2 .

Hope this is useful.


Jeremy Henty

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