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Dear Xorg people and Debian X Strike Force:

after a bit of anger, when the 7.4 upgrade broke my keyboard map,
I invested some time to rework it, and with Julien's help (and
patience/elephant skin) finally managed to get rid of xmodmap. You
can find my draft write-up here, comments welcome:

In the course of this process, I also read the new Debian
InputHotplugGuide[0] and played around a bit more to investigate
what's going on. The first thing I did was remove my xorg.conf file,
and it all still works. \o/


The purpose of this message is to shout out a big thank you to every
one of you for the hard work. X has never felt as good as it does
today. You're awesome.

PS: I'm looking forward to the day when XRandR shall work across
multiple graphics adapters! :)

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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                                                             -- sailor
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