XInput2: getting window-relative coordinates?

Florian Echtler floe at
Mon Apr 20 01:21:40 PDT 2009

> > - for XI_Motion, the root x/y and event x/y fields are always (0/0) and
> >   (-372/-372), sometimes also (0/0) and (-1/-1). Should these fields be
> >   also valid for XI_Motion?
> oops, two missing lines in dix/eventconvert.c, fixed locally, will be pushed
> soon.
Hello Peter, thanks for the fix. I just rebuilt the xserver from your
repo, and it's working exactly as I thought. I've now integrated all
this into my multi{touch,pointer} framework at and
will hopefully soon be able to make a new release. I'll also post the
updated freeglut patch later today.

One visual glitch which I noticed is that all pointers except the
"virtual core pointer" cause a lot of flickering and redraw issues when
used in an OpenGL-context window, but this is probably hardware-related.

Thanks again
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