Does Xorg need the kernel's DRM?

Angel Tsankov fn42551 at
Wed Apr 22 11:39:08 PDT 2009

Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> The linux kernel should not be installing anything in /usr/include/
> drm.  Can you please be more specific about what you mean by, "when I
> enable DRM and install the kernel"?  I interpret that as enabling drm
> with 'make config' then doing the standard 'make && make
> modules_install' then copying your kernel to /boot.  None of that
> should touch /usr/include.
Well, I do have to clarify myself.  The kernel does not touch 
/usr/include/drm when I do 'make' + 'make modules_install'.  However, it 
does install headers in /usr/include/drm when I do 'make headers_install' 
regardless of whether DRM is enabled or disabled.

Angel Tsankov 

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