Does Xorg need the kernel's DRM?

Angel Tsankov fn42551 at
Wed Apr 22 12:07:52 PDT 2009

Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> Ick.  I'd avoid doing 'make headers_install' ... I know that the
> kernel headers have had some nasty conflicts with userspace, so I'd
> trust your distro's patched headers (Gentoo has sys-kernel/linux-
> headers for example) over anything installed with 'make
> headers_install' straight from the kernel source.
> The main reason to install those headers is for recompiling glibc
> anyways...
> So I guess I should ask what you're trying to do.  If you just want to
> get DRI working, don't install the headers from the kernel tree,
> enable DRM in the kernel, install libdrm,  install mesa with DRI
> drivers for your video card, and install the most recent X11 drivers
> for your video card.
Well, I'm installing BLFS (Beyond Linux From Scratch).  As per its 
instructions, I have executed 'make headers_install'.  Later on, when I 
tried install libdrm I noticed that it tries to replace some of the headers 
in /usr/incldue/drm.  That's all.  I also found that MesaLib  (required by 
Xorg) uses some of these headers when I build it.  So, I am wondering which 
version of the DRM headers is right for me -- the kernel's one or libdrm's 

Angel Tsankov 

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