Sluggish 2D with radeon Xpress 200M

Damien Mir mailings.xorg at
Mon Apr 27 06:46:12 PDT 2009

>> With an old opensuse 10.0 with xorg 6.8 (32bit mode if relevant) on the
>> same laptop, everything is stunning fast. With OS 11.1 & xorg 7.4,
>> although it is not really horrible or unusable, there's definitely
>> something wrong, it feels a little sluggish in comparaison.
>> Btw. glxgears gives about 780fps.
> This sounds a lot like my perf problems, though I don't have the exact
> same chip. I think Option "AccelDFS" "true" helped, I'm not sure.

"AccelDFS" is enabled by default for PCI-E chips.
In my case, no matter which option I tweak, I cannot get the very basic 2D
performance I expected and got before, the "slugishness" increases in
relation with the quantity of active windows on the desktops. (no flash or
desktop effects, just static HTML and file management in KDE 3.5)

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