Forwarding Single X Window to Multiple Displays

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Tue Apr 28 09:48:04 PDT 2009



I am investigating the possibility of forwarding the display of an
X-Window to more than one destination. I know that the DISPLAY
environment variable can be set to forward the display/control of a
window to another location. Is it possible to forward a single display
to more than one destination, one being the master with control, and the
other a slave (display-only) display? We are building a networked
aircraft crew trainer where each station is a single machine. There are
modes of operation where more than one crew station needs to see a
shared common display. I was hoping to run a single instance of the
shared application on a server and forward the display to multiple


Is this possible with the X.Org X Window system? Can the DISPLAY
environment variable handle multiple arguments?


Thanks in advance,

Rick Smith

Research Software Engineer

Alion Science and Technology

BMH Operation

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