Old System, New Install Isuue

James Butler jbutler at uniteddefensegroup.com
Tue Apr 28 16:55:13 PDT 2009

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> James Butler wrote:
>> Is it possible to run X without an attached monitor, mouse or keyboard?
> Yes - Xvfb or Xvnc are the easiest ways.   Xorg using the "dummy" video
> driver and "void" input driver is also a possibility.
Thank you!

Xfb sounds like it would work for me. Basically I need something that will
run continuously in the background (daemon-like), rather than during a VNC
session. I'll get started on compiling from source to test it out.

Where would I find the "dummy" or "void" driver options to try before I
reinstall everything?


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