[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel: snapshot (now with 10% reduced fat!)

Klaus Dittrich kladit at arcor.de
Wed Apr 29 10:34:30 PDT 2009

Carl Worth schrieb:
> This is a development snapshot very early in the process toward
> developing 2.8. There have been some big changes to the code, and
> we're anxious to get feedback on these changes as early as possible.
> Here is a summary of the biggest changes:
>   * Driver now depends on X server 1.6 or later
>   * Eliminate XAA and EXA support (in favor of UXA)
>   * Eliminate DRI1 support
>   * Fixes for running without DRI at all
> These code removals represent a deletion of a substantial amount of
> code, (and hopefully piles of bugs), as well as reduce the maintenance
> effort going forward as the number of combinatorial configurations for
> the driver are greatly reduced. This means that users are much more
> likely to be running code that has actually been tested, and it will
> be much easy for developers to replicate bugs that users experience.
> Many thanks to Eric Anholt for gutting so much code! And see Keith
> Packard's writeup describing the benefits of this code removal:
> 	http://keithp.com/blogs/Sharpening_the_Intel_Driver_Focus/
> One of the things that would be most useful in testing this release is
> to revisit any outstanding bugs that you have previously reported. If
> the buggy behavior is gone, (or the bug is no longer relevant---such
> as a bug that's specific to XAA only), please feel free to indicate so
> in bugzilla or even just close the bug.
> If you confirm that the bug is still present, please indicate so in
> the bug report. (I was going to ask that you select a 1.7.99 version,
> but it looks like bugzilla only has versions for products not
> compoenents, while we use a "xorg" product and a "driver/intel"
> component.) We definitely want to make any such confirmed bugs a
> priority, so it would be nice to have a consistent mechanism to search
> for these bugs. Suggestions are welcome on the best approach.
> Thanks in advance for any testing or feedback on this snapshot.
> -Carl
> Getting the snapshot
> --------------------
> git tag:
> http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-intel-
> MD5: ec222b8e617f79c3dee03db71db053a2  xf86-video-intel-
> SHA1: c8c88d341dd79c4561018c5a279c8f6e66f84089
> xf86-video-intel-
> http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-intel-
> MD5: 797eaa5d8abdabd92bdc261ca1b53634  xf86-video-intel-
> SHA1: 5ee985ed22e483ac470cceaa65866a871370b747
> xf86-video-intel-
> All commits since 2.7.0
> -----------------------
> [Note that many of these commits were already cherry-picked and present
> in 2.7.0]
> Alan Coopersmith (1):
>       Fix UXA to build with Sun compilers (use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__)
> Albert Damen (2):
>       Non-GEM allocations incorrectly force TILE_NONE (bug 20797)
>       Fix crash with XV with large virtual display
> Carl Worth (18):
>       Revert the rest of the EXA_VERSION_MAJOR bump
>       Remove support for 'auto'(-1) value of XV_SYNC_TO_VBLANK
>       Fix new video sync-to-blank code for multi-head
>       Don't clip video to CRTC in the case of textured video
>       Add a RELEASING file documenting the release process
>       README: Remove almost all time-sensitive information
>       Add a new AUTHORS file
>       Clarify that the default acceleration is UXA if KMS is available.
>       Add a NEWS files with release-notes for 2.7.0
>       Add AUTHORS and NEWS to EXTRA_DIST
>       NEWS: Add note about broken PAT code in some kernels
>       RELEASING: Update instructions to reflect some minor process improvements
>       AUTHORS: Add Robert Lowery to the authors file
>       README: Fix typos in chipset list, and point to how_to_report_bug web page
>       RELEASING: Note that --with-xserver-source is needed for make distcheck
>       Increment version to
>       NEWS: Add notes for snapshot
> Dan Nicholson (1):
>       Fix dist of xvmc sources
> Eric Anholt (35):
>       Fix XV with non-GEM kernels by allocating a larger fake bufmgr.
>       Add PGETBL_CTL to the debug output.
>       Add dumping of 915 and 945 fence registers.
>       Add DCC register dumping.
>       Move contributed m4 (dolt) to a subdirectory so we can include it with others.
>       Add shave support, enabled by default.
>       Remove some dead i830.h struct members.
>       Rename EXA rendering functions to UXA, since we're keeping them post-EXA.
>       Remove dead mono cursor load code.
>       Remove unused i830_output_type_names
>       Use a static inline to replace if (0) to an unused stub function.
>       Staticize a bunch of functions and variables in the driver.
>       Replace a bunch of #ifdef debug flushing/syncing with a single function.
>       Remove dead monitor detect debugger.
>       Remove dead xoffset/yoffset from pre-randr.
>       Revert "fix overflow warning on videoRam"
>       Don't try to do anything for I830Sync when VT switched.
>       Fix drmSetMaster/DropMaster error messages.
>       Don't initialize DRI2 if the fd we get is not master-capable.
>       Don't clear the framebuffer if it isn't currently bound.
>       Fix assert at startup with DRI initialiation failure.
>       Remove pre-server-1.5 support.
>       Remove DRI1 support.
>       Remove XAA support.
>       Remove EXA support.
>       unifdef I830_USE_UXA.
>       Remove can_resize, which is now always true (except when a bug interfered)
>       Now that video destination pixmaps are always in BOs, no more MarkSync.
>       Replace i830WaitSync with just I830Sync(), as nearly all callers had it wrong.
>       Remove I830_XV ifdef.
>       Replace I830Sync's irq emit/wait code with bufmgr use.
>       Remove XF86DRM_MODE.
>       Rely on BO pixmaps being present in acceleration paths.
>       Remove checks for xf86RotateFreeShadow, introduced in server 1.4.
> Hugo Jacques (1):
>       SDVO: add composite TV out support
> Ian Romanick (2):
>       DRI2: Respect the src and dst parameters of CopyRegion.
>       DRI2: If the SDK supports it, use the DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat interfaces
> Jesse Barnes (11):
>       Use UXA when KMS is active
>       Create known output configuration at EnterVT time
>       Re-enable disabled outputs after rotation
>       Don't install fences if the kernel is managing them
>       Don't manage fences part two
>       Tiling fixes, third set
>       Require libdrm 2.4.6 for GTT unmap support
>       Match GTT unmap with map in KMS rotation case
>       Fix offset in begin_gtt_access case
>       Don't enable kernel execbuf fencing w/EXA
>       Silence warning in i830_dmi_store_field
> Julien Cristau (1):
>       Require xserver 1.3
> Kalev Lember (2):
>       Fix Xv crash with overlay video.
>       Fix VT switch with XV overlay video enabled.
> Keith Packard (2):
>       Use CopyArea to load glyphs from per-glyph pixmap to cache pixmap
>       Revert EXA_DRIVER_KNOWN_MAJOR bump
> Kristian Høgsberg (2):
>       Drop Legacy3D option, only use fixed texture space with non-gem.
>       Remove a handful of pointless comments
> Li Peng (1):
>       Turn on front buffer tiling in KMS.
> Ma Ling (6):
>       Define documented PLL timing limits for G4X platform
>       Use best PLL timing values for G4X platform
>       Set SSC frequency for 8xx chips correctly
>       set broadcast RGB mode for HDMI and TMDS from SDVOX output
>       set broadcast RGB mode for integrated HDMI output.
>       update manpage for BROADCAST_RGB property
> Ma, Ling (1):
>       disable center mode for 965GM and G4X platform
> Pierre Willenbrock (1):
>       format == 0 means "use default" in I830DRI2CreateBuffer
> Robert Lowery (1):
>       Fix typo in comment
> Rémi Cardona (1):
>       clean up man page generation and remove all traces of the i810 driver
> Shaohua Li (1):
>       Disable FBC on IGD for UMS
> Shuang He (2):
>       Free front buffer bo when X exit
> Zdenek Kabelac (4):
>       Fix leak of some 965 render state on VT switch.
>       Unreference allocated bos in i965 render error paths
>       free allocated name inside sdvo_destroy
>       Remember allocated offscreenImages memory for freeing it in CloseScreen()
> Zhenyu Wang (14):
>       SDVO: fix pixel multiplier setting for TV
>       SDVO: reset privates before output setup
>       Revert "SDVO: Switch control bus only before DDC access"
>       TV: force TV as connected with TV_Connector option
>       TV: fix contrast and saturation for 945G
>       Add a lid status test program "intel_lid"
>       KMS: hook up output properties for randr
>       gitignore intel_lid
>       Disable LVDS config parsing from VBT for now
>       Disable LVDS detect methods
>       SDVO: fix output flag dumping for unknown type
>       quirk LVDS on ibase MB890 855GM board
>       fix overflow warning on videoRam
>       SDVO: switch bus once for i2c transfer
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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kernel 2.6.30-rc3, XServer-1.6.1, 64 bit,

Starting X (startx) and switching to a VT, between VT's and back to 
graphical desktop now works here.

But stopping X (ctrl-alt-bs) and restarting afterwards does not.

No video signal at VT7, but switching to another VT works.

 diff  Xorg.0.log.second_start  Xorg.0.log.first_start

< (==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Wed Apr 29 19:17:56 2009
 > (==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Wed Apr 29 19:15:53 2009
< (II) intel(0): 0x02d30000-0x0322ffff: front buffer (5120 kB)
 > (II) intel(0): 0x02530000-0x02a2ffff: front buffer (5120 kB)
 > (II) UnloadModule: "mouse"
 > (II) UnloadModule: "kbd"

Hope this information is somehow helpful.

Anybody else with same symptoms? Or just another configuration issue?


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