Problems with KMS

Daniel Gultsch daniel at
Thu Apr 30 01:15:48 PDT 2009


i'm using Gentoo with Kernel 2.6.29 and xorg-server 1.5.3
Yesterday I've start trying KMS.
This are my results: When enabled I always got a nice framebuffer
console in my native resolution. (adding i915.modeset=1 as a kernel
When in use with intel driver 2.6.3 my kde had a wrong (lower)
resolution. I think it was like 1024 for my 1440 screen or so. This of
course caused the screen to flicker when switching from framebuffer
console to KDM. When I started KDE it crashed the xserver (freezed) as
soon as the loading screen from kde was at 100%. When I started the
secure mode in KDM (only a xterm) I could set the native resolution
with xrandr to 1440px. Then I got display errors (The 1024px screen was
repated to the left and the bottom) BUT i could switch from framebuffer
to Xorg without flicker: YEAH!
Then I tried 2.7.0: Without KMS I got a blank screen when x started.
With KMS I got very havy display errors. (Turning the display into
something pink-i-can-barly-see-that-it's-kdm)

- Daniel

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