Intel i915 / GEM throttling / 2.6.31-rc

Michał Kazior kazikcz at
Mon Aug 3 07:58:54 PDT 2009


Since the inclusion of a GEM throttling commit [1] to the 2.6.31
release candidate I started to have serious issues using 3D

3D Applications which are rather simple tend to render themselves in
bursts (i.e. shows a dozen of frames and then freezes for a split of a
second; repeat). I've filed a bug at kernel bug [2], but now I'm
starting to think it might be (also) xserver issue.

Recently I noticed a detail which led me here. Stepmania [3] is one of
those suffering applications. The interesting part I noticed is that
it can render perfectly fine when the game window does not have
keyboard focus. If it regains the focus/input - it starts to render in
those bursts again. Quake3-demo and glxgears on the other hand render
in bursts regardless of the input/focus. It doesn't seem to be WM
related too.

I thought it might an unintentional sync to the swap or something, but
the relation to keyboard focus makes it kind of.. illogical ?

Are you guys aware of this issue ? Any other thoughts ?

Michał Kazior.


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