Problem building xserver 1.5.1

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at
Wed Aug 5 01:53:16 PDT 2009


On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 08:28:47PM +0200, Diego A. Fons wrote:
> Yes you're right, I don't have any PCI bus, I didn't mention it because 
> I thought it was mandatory for X.
> I'm building X11R7.4, downloading the tarballs from [1]. I couldn't find 
> any option to disable PCI, how do I disable PCI? I'm building kDrive 
> servers and xorg server, this are the options I choose:
> configure --prefix=/usr --disable-aiglx --disable-glx-tls 
> --enable-registry --disable-composite --disable-xtrap --disable-record 
> --disable-screensaver --disable-xdmcp --disable-xdm-auth-1 --disable-glx 
> --disable-dri --disable-dri2 --disable-xinerama --disable-xace 
> --disable-xselinux --disable-xcsecurity --disable-appgroup 
> --enable-xcalibrate --enable-tslib --enable-xevie --disable-cup 
> --enable-evi --disable-multibuffer --disable-fontcache --disable-dbe 
> --disable-xf86bigfont --disable-dpms --enable-xorg --disable-dmx 
> --disable-xvfb --disable-xnest --disable-xquartz --disable-x11app 
> --disable-xwin --disable-xprint --disable-xgl --disable-xglx 
> --disable-xegl --enable-kdrive --disable-xephyr --disable-xsdl 
> --disable-xfake --enable-xfbdev --disable-freetype --disable-secure-rpc 
> --enable-xorgcfg –disable-kbd_mode
> When I build only the kDrive (--disable-xorg) server the error is not 
> there, so, how can I build xorg server?

I'm working on a patch to set PCI related code as optional on Xorg server.
There's a preliminary version here (to be applied on git version):

With the VGA arbitration coming to the game, this patch will get a nice clean
up. So I have to wait to rebase this work while the arbiter kernel code
doesn't go upstream (with luck we will see on 2.6.32).



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