John Tapsell johnflux at
Thu Aug 6 02:17:12 PDT 2009

Hi all,

  There is a long conversation going on on the git mailing list over
SHA1 implementations, and in particular measuring them in 'real world'
situations.  Since xorg also relies on a fast SHA1 implementation for
comparing pixmaps, I think you'll find the results interesting.

  I have summarised the results below for your convenience.

  I was particularly amazed at just how much of a difference there is
between implementations.

These results are from running "git fsck -a" on the linux kernel and
so represent "real" world situations.

These are the results that Linus Torvalds got on x86-64:

- Mozilla SHA1 portable C-code (sucky sucky): MOZILLA_SHA1=1

       real    0m38.194s
       user    0m37.838s
       sys     0m0.356s

 - The SHA1 implementation used by git  ("half-portable C code"): BLK_SHA1=1

       real    0m28.120s
       user    0m27.930s
       sys     0m0.192s

 - OpenSSL assembler code:

       real    0m26.327s
       user    0m26.194s
       sys     0m0.136s

And on 32 bit we see GCC clearly struggling with register starvation:

 - Mozilla SHA:

       real    0m47.063s
       user    0m46.815s
       sys     0m0.252s

 - BLK_SHA1=1

       real    0m34.705s
       user    0m34.394s
       sys     0m0.312s


       real    0m29.754s
       user    0m29.446s
       sys     0m0.288s

Encouraged by the fact that the git implementation is almost as good
as the ASM, Linus then started to tweak the C code with the most evil
and foul code that I've seen.  The end result was (on 64-bit)

 - OpenSSL:

       real    0m26.363s
       user    0m26.174s
       sys     0m0.188s

 - This C implementation:

       real    0m26.594s
       user    0m26.310s
       sys     0m0.256s

And on a slow 32bit atom (with the evil-and-foul changes they made):

 - BLK_SHA1:

       real    2m27.160s
       user    2m23.651s
       sys     0m2.392s

 - OpenSSL:

       real    2m12.580s
       user    2m9.998s
       sys     0m1.811s


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