same linux installation, different font rendering

Phil Ezolt phillipezolt at
Thu Aug 6 18:11:15 PDT 2009

Giacomo <giacomo.strangolino <at>> writes:

> Hi to all.
> I am Giacomo S. from Elettra synchrotron radiation facility, Trieste, Italy.
> We use to develop Qt GUIs on a kubuntu system.
> The development process is as follows:
> 1. develop the application on machine A;
> 2. install the application on machine B, where it has to be run.
> Machine A and B have been installed from the same installation CD:
> -> same X environment/libraries
> -> same nvidia X driver (official NVIDIA, to support multi screen)
> -> same qt libraries
> -> same compiler/libc libc++...
> ...
> The problem is that launching the same panel on machine B shows a different 
> font rendering with respect to machine A, producing unwanted changes in the 
> global layout of the graphical interface elements.
> Although installations are made from  the same source and should be totally 
> equivalent, I have to add that machine B has a 4 output video card.
> Machines A and B have the same nvidia drivers installed.
> Which is the way to follow to try to solve the issue?
> Thanks for any suggestion.
> Giacomo.


I'll be that you have different DPI settings on each of the machines. 

That will influence how the fonts are rendered. 

You can check with "xdpyinfo | grep 'dots'"

(FWIW.  I've seen "Nouveau" vs. "Nvidia" drivers set different values for
this...  Possibly multi-screen is changing that value for the same nvidia driver
on different machines.  To fix it, you can hard-code it in gnome.  There may be
some nvidia driver setting to do it server wide.) 


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