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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Aug 13 19:20:13 PDT 2009

This is a snapshot of the current evdev development tree.

The driver is stable for everyday use but will see further changes before
settling down into 2.3. This snapshot intends to encourage wider testing.

Most notable changes to the current stable evdev 2.2:
- The driver now honours EV_SYN. This avoids button events to be sent before
  the associated motion events.
- Slightly improved tablet support. Wacom and waltop tablets now post all
  axes. Needs more work though.
- More verbose log output for easier bug triaging.
- Support for button and/or scroll-wheel-only input devices (e.g. Griffin
  Powermate). Note that the server does not yet support them as

Supports X Servers 1.5, 1.6 and git.

Bugs can be reported at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=xorg
Component Input/evdev.


Asbjørn Sannes (1):
      evdev: Fix spelling of property in man page to match source code. #22571

Dan Nicholson (1):
      Fix copy-paste error when probing type name

Derek Upham (1):
      evdev: Prevent driver from processing motion events that it has not configured. #21832

Jeremy Jay (2):
      Set "rel" when converting absolute touchpad coordinates to relative (#20661)
      make sure to clear all axis_map entries

Michael Witten (1):
      evdev.c: Fix/improve discrimination of rel/abs axes

Oliver McFadden (3):
      Coverity Prevent: NO_EFFECT in EvdevWheelEmuSetProperty:
      evdev: Only send the events at synchronization time.
      evdev: Use the EvdevPost...Event() functions in the emulation code.

Peter Hutterer (39):
      Fix duplicate wheel button up mapping.
      Check button label before fetching the Atom from the server.  (#20524)
      Define MAX_VALUATORS if it's missing to allow for builds against 1.5.
      Bump to 2.2.99.
      Restore repeat-filtering for server 1.5 and earlier.
      Move keymap/modifier initialization behind the ABI < 5 ifdefs.
      Assume touchscreen/touchpad if we have _either_ ABS_PRESSURE or BTN_TOUCH
      If we have a touchpad, print so, don't claim we're configuring a tablet.
      Fix jumpy touchpads by updating old_vals only when reported by the device.
      Remove test/ directory.
      Fix wrong reference to axis and button label atom list.
      Trigger read error handling if len is <= 0.
      Pre-allocate the reopen timer so we don't allocate during sigio handling.
      Print read errors as X_NONE to avoid mallocs in the server.
      Revamp the whole "has_axes" definition.
      Use xf86DisableDevice instead of the DIX' DisableDevice.
      Only label axes and buttons if the device has axes or buttons.
      Up the number of button labels atoms to EVDEV_MAXBUTTONS.
      Ensure enough buttons are advertised to pass the button mapping.
      Rename pEvdev->buttons to pEvdev->num_buttons for clarity.
      Only initialize the number of buttons we actually have.
      Deal with BTN_3 to BTN_9 buttons.
      Split axes and button labels into separate function.
      Cope with ABI_XINPUT_VERSION 7 - requires button + axes labels.
      Add missing checks for ABI_XINPUT_VERSION 7.
      Initialize the axis labels to 0, not "misc".
      Fix wrong axis label index causing OOB reads/writes.
      If a device fails to initialize relative axes, init the abs. axes instead.
      Message "found absolute touchpad" also applies to tablets - fix.
      Fix absolute axis labelling - mapping must be initialized before the labels.
      Count REL_DIAL as a scrollwheel during EvdevProbe (#21457)
      Don't register middle mouse button emulation handlers for keyboards.
      Evdev doesn't require inputproto.
      Skip check for EVDEV_RELATIVE_EVENTS for wheel events.
      comment typo fix
      Rename parts of the Post API to a Queue API.
      Add EvdevPostButtonEvent API to immediately post a button event (#23269)
      Treat tablets (BTN_TOOL_PEN devices) differently from touchpads.

git tag: xf86-input-evdev-

MD5: b50c24efa826d0d6651f7e314e3c4054  xf86-input-evdev-
SHA1: 9bf915d2391ac0ba7f1e36cab952480daaa32473  xf86-input-evdev-

MD5: c61e13d2c46230bd3c6c8278adafe148  xf86-input-evdev-
SHA1: 91111a209a52f4a0c2412d740ee96261f3900838  xf86-input-evdev-

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