How to change logical order of outputs?

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Tue Aug 18 01:25:48 PDT 2009

My laptop has 2 video outputs: internal display (LVDS) and external VGA 
(VGA) monitor (in fact it has also a TV output, which I don't use). It has 
an Intel 855GM graphics chipset. In general, everything works fine, I can 
manage both outputs using xrandr. But there is one thing, concerning XV 
extension. If I enable both outputs to work in a mirrored mode 
(xrandr --output VGA --same-as LVDS), if I display a movie using XV, the 
picture is rendered only on external VGA monitor. I know, that it's OK, 
movie is rendered only on the "first" display. And that's OK. Besides, it 
seems to be reasonable, that VGA output is then default output, when you 
use it for presentations.

But what to do if I want to change the order of displays? I've tried to 
use --primary oprion of xrandr for LVDS, but it didn't work - movies are 
still displayed on VGA monitor, maybe I used it in a wrong way.
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