No HDMI display on intel 82G35 board

Pete Cap peteoutside at
Tue Aug 18 13:28:03 PDT 2009


I've got a MythDora 10 frontend in my living room that I'm trying to hook up to my TV using HDMI.
However, after the normal boot splash screen and so forth, I get a blank (blue) screen.  This usually indicates that the video source is sending nothing or that the signal parameters exceed what the TV is capable of displaying (in terms of refresh rate, resolution, etc.).

Xorg.0.log has the following two errors:
"Unable to write to SDVOCTRL_E for SDVOB slave 0x70"
"underrun on pipe A!"

Using the vesa driver, I can at least get a 1024x768 display using the DSUB connection to the TV, but I would really like to get a 1080p picture going over HDMI.

Some basic info:
uname -r:
uname -m: x86_64


Any help would be appreciated!



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