[ANNOUNCE] inputproto

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Aug 24 17:22:31 PDT 2009

Release candidate 2 for what will be the XI 2.0 protocol.

This update includes two changes in the protocol:
- the xXIRawEvent still had an eventtype field although it was removed from
  the specification document. This field has been converted into a padding
  field. Both the library and the server did not use the field anymore,
  this change preserves the wire layout of the rest and should not impact
  any clients.
- The xXIWarpPointer request was still using 16-bit signed ints for
  screen/window coordinates. As the above, a mismatch between the protocol
  spec and the header files. Changing the wire layout will impact clients.

Rest are documentation updates only.

Peter Hutterer (8):
      Remove eventtype field from xXIRawEvent.
      XI2proto.txt: typo fix
      XI2proto: XIChangeCursor request requires a master pointer.
      XIQueryPointer only works on master pointers and floating slaves.
      Replace four leftover INT16 with int16_t.
      XIWarpPointer needs to take FP1616 for positions.
      Device cursors are deleted once the window or the device disappear.
      inputproto (RC 2)

git tag: inputproto-

MD5: 1937db6f8881409a1fc8b45bcc01f4ad  inputproto-
SHA1: 5f4961c13fab676bda5d36fa028b41016dd02cb6  inputproto-

MD5: c9f72fd8a2695b54328ac45d5448b928  inputproto-
SHA1: d4c163236b4d4a980135ec2031452adb9a429c65  inputproto-

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