Icc profile problem

Mathieu Taillefumier mathieu.taillefumier at free.fr
Tue Aug 25 12:03:59 PDT 2009

> This is possibly because the atom has been
> renamed from EDID_DATA to EDID. dispwin will catch
> up to this in a future release.
You are right. EDID atom has was changed in the xserver code but doing 
the modification in the src code of dispwin does not seem to change 
anything about the EDID datas. The EDID atom is declared (I checked it 
is defined in the file hw/xfree86/modes/xf86Crtc.c) and effectively 
created during the xorg start-up but curiously dispwin is not able to 
recover the data after the XinternAtom call.

>> Nothing here indicates a problem, dispwin thinks it set
>> the video luts.
>> You could double check by creating a strange looking calibration:
>> 	synthcal -s 0.7,1.0,0.9 -p 1.7,0.8,0.7 strange
>> and then see if it gets loaded:
>> 	dispwin strange.cal
This does not work at all with the intel drivers but does work with the 
nvidia drivers (I have both cards on my laptop). I should indicate that 
the nvidia drivers does not support xrand 1.2 which means that dispwin 
uses a different process for setting the video LUT load (if i am 
correct). So the problem can originate from the some modifications in 
the xrandr extension or the intel driver. I will try to compile an older 
version of the intel driver to check to narrow the problem before 
reporting it.



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