HD-Video Hardwar Acceleration?

Harald Braumann harry at unheit.net
Sat Aug 29 16:46:41 PDT 2009

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 15:55:09 -0700
Corbin Simpson <mostawesomedude at gmail.com> wrote:

> - It's not done because we've been working on other things. If it
> makes you feel better, 3D support *is* required for this kind of
> work, 

It neither makes me feel better nor worse. My mail could have been read
as a complaint about people working on 3D rather than video
acceleration. This was not my intention at all. Sorry, if it sounded
that way.

> since we don't have documentation on the dedicated video
> decoders onboard most GPUs, and we haven't reverse-engineered them,
So there is documentation on some? Which ones? I couldn't
find any information about that.

> so we'll have to use 3D shaders instead.

AMD's John Bridgman has said somewhere (sorry, don't have the
reference handy), that maybe in the future the specifications of the UVD
could be released to the public. Should that ever happened, would it be
possible to use it from within that state tracker? Or would the state
tracker be tied to tightly to the shader model?


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