xkb leds question

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 31 06:11:15 PDT 2009

teferiincub wrote:
> Good day.
> The question is about the fact that whenever one chooses to switch
> layouts via grp:caps_toggle - he also gets grp_led:caps. The rule is
> found at rules/base.o_c.part (I have ubuntu here and downloaded it's
> source code for the package). But what if one desires to have a
> different behavior, for example someone uses three layouts instead of
> two? And doesn't it make the option grp_led:caps almost useless?
> I suggest removing automatic Caps Lock layout indication to allow users
> decide whether to use caps_led as a layout indicator or not. On the
> other hand this might be not your code at all. If so - could you guide
> me to where I may find it's maintainer.

xkeyboard-config data files are maintained by the project of the
same name - you can find them at:
Information on their mailing list & bugzilla is at:

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