How to troubleshoot intel 3D performance?

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at
Mon Feb 16 11:44:06 PST 2009

On Monday 16 February 2009 19:33:23 Alex Bennee wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently switched on Compiz on my desktop machine to see what the
> fuss was about. Running on the stable Gentoo X and intel drivers more
> or less everything worked well. The benchmark tool reported 120fps on
> most static screens and seemed pretty happy with most of the effects.
> However video playback was jerky especially while zoomed to
> full-screen. After a little tinkering with texture sizes and
> attempting to enable XvMC and realised I needed to be running more
> recent drivers. So I upgraded X to:
> *  x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel
>       Latest version available: 2.6.1
>       Latest version installed: 2.6.1
> *  x11-base/xorg-server
>       Latest version available: 1.5.3-r2
>       Latest version installed: 1.5.3-r2
> After rebuilding all the constituent packages I ended up with a Compiz
> setup that was reporting 25fps if I was lucky and reduced to 8/9fps
> when displaying full screen terminals. Curiously video playback seems
> smoother running on 2.6.29-rc5 kernel although just as jerkey on
> I'm at a loss to where to begin on the troubleshooting. Attached is my
> Xorg.log which has a little W/E noise in it but nothing that means
> anything to me. I've tried UXA (instead of EXA) and various Buffering
> flags but nothing seems to help.
> Suggestions welcome.

Hi, performance issue is known thing on pre-965 chipsets with new intel stuff 
(gem, uxa).

I've filed bugs about them:

AFAIK there's no fix at the moment, but as workaround you can use 2.6.27 
kernel and EXA accelleration.

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