xf86-video-intel: Any 3D app is slow in resolution higher than 800x600 with UXA+DRI2

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Mon Jan 26 12:02:30 PST 2009

On Sunday, January 25, 2009 12:33 pm Vasily Khoruzhick wrote:
> Hi, it seems I've found one more bug for gma950+uxa+dri2 configuration:
> Any 3D application is _really_ slow if it runs in window with size higher
> than 800x600.
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1. Use gma950 hardware with xf86-video-intel from git and mesa from git,
> xorg-server-, libdrm from git, 2.6.28 kernel + 6 patches
> 2. Download and install secret maryo chronicles (or any game you like that
> uses 3D)
> 3. Disable fullscreen mode and set resolution to 800x600 - game should run
> smoothly
> 4. Disable fullscreen mode and set resolution to 1024x768 (or higher) -
> game should became unplayable.
> Same issue with compiz.

The patchset I just posted to intel-gfx might help with this 
it allows for tiled rendering on 9xx chips w/DRI2.  On some machines it makes 
a 10x difference.

Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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