2D/3D Acceleration on 3dfx Voodoo 3

Masaru Nomiya nomiya at galaxy.dti.ne.jp
Sat Jul 4 00:28:54 PDT 2009


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  Subject    : 2D/3D Acceleration on 3dfx Voodoo 3
  Message-ID : <d2393e040907040002y634a155ame9781813afaf38db at mail.gmail.com>
  Date & Time: Sat, 4 Jul 2009 10:02:25 +0300

[Kristaps] == Kristaps Esterlins <esterlinsh at gmail.com> has written:

Kristaps> Hi, I'm trying to get proper hw acceleration using this 3dfx
Kristaps> card so far it's not possible using 1280x1024 @ 24bit depth,
Kristaps> which I'm currently using. I need
Kristaps> some ideas, suggestions how to fix this :)
Kristaps> Xorg.conf - http://pastebin.ca/1483668

How about adding this to xorg.conf.

Section "DRI"
        Mode 666


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