starter tips on fixing autodtection for a crusty old driver

David Gerard dgerard at
Sat Jul 4 03:55:12 PDT 2009

Ye olde ancient Trident driver doesn't autodetect 1024x768 properly -
it sets the display to 800x600 as the biggest supported mode. Looking
at the xorg.0.log, it detects the TFT as 1024x768 properly, but thinks
all 1024x768 modes are out of hsync or vsync range.

Now, (a) it would be nice to have this autodetect because xorg.conf
sucks (b) it's a crusty old driver which even I would class as "we
welcome your patch" rather than any sort of showstopper.

So. Where would one start on fixing autodetection code for a crusty old driver?

- d.

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