is it possible to publish Xming on Citrix?

David Gerard dgerard at
Mon Jul 6 06:46:30 PDT 2009

2009/7/3 Daniel Stone <daniel at>:
> On Wed, Jul 01, 2009 at 11:08:59PM +0530, Venkateswara_Chalamalasetti wrote:

>> Recently i have started using Xming free software to connect to one Solaris machine. It works. But i have a question in my mind. Is it possible to install Xming on WTS and publish Xming on Citrix web page? So that multiple users can start using it from one single installation.

> We don't really have any control over the Citrix website; you might ask
> them.

This would be referring to the web page that users launch their Citrix
apps from.

It sounds like it should be possible - you can make any app available
through Citrix, as far as I know. In my last job we had all manner of
internal custom software available over Citrix.

Of course, it's somewhat painful using one remote terminal (Xming on
Citrix) to access another remote terminal (Solaris clients on Xming).
But Citrix is very good indeed over low-speed high-latency links -
I've seen it usable over a modem link. And I've done so using Citrix
(over VPN over DSL)  to access Windows Terminal Services (over 100Mbit
LAN) to access a Java-based KVM (over 100Mbit LAN) - yes, that's three
layers, not two - usably enough for work purposes and only a slight
throbbing pain in my forehead.

Venkateswara - I'd say you should try it, it'll probably work to some
extent, then you can see how practical it is!

- d.

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