WM stops the X process

Sebastian Glita glseba at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 11:07:10 PDT 2009


After some updates since last commits to libX11, X resets after a very short period of lo.

Using past configuration that launch a ROX session exhibits this behavior.

So after removing .xinitrc and .xsession, in this setting where no session commences, an xterm window opens.
Launching startfluxbox kills X (because after deleting /var/log/Xorg.log.old, launching X, resetting X and logging anew,  the *.old log appears).
Launching mwm embellish the xterm window but moving it kills X.
Launching twm seems to work a great period of time, but some actions did lead to resetting X again.

This happens on two computers:
1. kernel linux-2.6.29-tuxonice-r3;
   graphics: nVidia Quadro Pro;
   xorg-server et. al. from git.freedesktop.org/.

2. kernel linux-2.6.31_rc2-tuxonice-head;
   graphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 200M;
   all Xorg packages from git.freedesktop.org/, except =x11-base/xorg-server-1.6.2.

Quite annoying; while looking for broken files (libraries), no errors. This is serious, practically X is no longer usable.

Thanks for any help,

PS: Some extra problems:
mesa needs correction in: radeon_cs_space_check in src/gallium/winsys/drm/radeon/core/radeon_r300.c (line #66).
xf86-video-ati in src/radeon_dri2.c is using a missing "->format" field (line #171).
xf86-video-ati in src/radeon_probe.c is missing a #define _XF86DRI_SERVER_ (line #51).
xf86-video-nouveau has also some problems with dri2 CreateBuffers/DestroyBuffers (should be singular) (lines #202-203).


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