Radeon KMS testing ( RV280 )

Dan dan at entropy.homelinux.org
Mon Jul 13 22:26:51 PDT 2009

Hi all. 

I've finally built a 2.6.31-rc kernel that boots. Not sure what's been
going on there. Anyway, I've been keen to test KMS & TTM stuff.
Unfortunatley, it's a double no-go. 

When the radeon module loads ( I assume for flicker-free boot, I'll have
to build it into the kernel, and not as a module ), the screen goes black,
and I get a warning that the current mode is out of range. Is there some
kernel arg to override the default settings? Should the radeon module
already be detecting supported modes? 

Next, when X tried to load, it crashes ( with a very corrupted image -
didn't switch back to the console and give me 'current mode out of range'
error ... should it? ). See log at:

Luckily, CTRL-ALT-DEL cleanly rebooted things. 

I've built xf86-video-ati from git a little while back ( doesn't build at
the moment ). Same for mesa and xserver ( ie from a little while back -
also doesn't build at the moment ). I built libdrm with
--enable-radeon-experimental-api switch. 

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