Intel 2009Q2 release

Jin, Gordon gordon.jin at
Tue Jul 21 19:50:41 PDT 2009


We'd like to recommend 2009Q2 package (, which consists of:
- xf86-video-intel 2.8.0 release
- mesa 7.5 release
- libdrm 2.4.12 release
The newer kernel (2.6.31) contains more kernel fixes, so generally better than older kernel. If you want to stick to 2.6.30, you might need the additional patches linked in the above webpage.

See the detailed major fixes and known issues in the above webpage.

The biggest change compared with 2009Q1 package (xf86-video-intel 2.7 based) is UXA becomes the default (and only) acceleration method, while EXA (the previous default) and XAA has been removed. So if you see regression, please firstly try 2.7 wih UXA to figure out if it's caused by EXA->UXA transition or a true regression in 2.7->2.8.

KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) is preferred to use in this release.

It'll be appreciated to file bugs referring to, if you see any unknown issues.


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