evdev+hal => Too many input devices.

Gabor Gombas gombasg at sztaki.hu
Thu Jul 23 06:57:31 PDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 06:05:24AM -0700, Brian Rogers wrote:

> OK, that didn't work. Calling device_move with a null new_parent
> works the way I initially thought it did. I don't like the idea of
> these things moving right before they are deleted, and neither does
> HAL since it still doesn't remove the input devices properly in this
> case. I think I'll go with the original strategy to ensure
> everything gets removed from the same place it was first added. And
> I might make it work without polling.
> The rfcomm and connection objects sticking around until some process
> exits shouldn't harm anything since I believe a new connection will
> be given a unique name to avoid a conflict. I'll be sure to check
> this. What went wrong if the rfcomm was still inside the connection
> when the connection was deleted?

Kernel oops. See commit acea6852f3, the comment contains the pointer to
my original bug report and the resulting discussion on lkml. Commit
8ac62dc773 also looks relevant.


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