Support for screen changes as vector graphics like Webex

Sandeep Khanna sandeep_p_khanna at
Thu Jul 23 13:18:47 PDT 2009


I am looking for truly Webex like
performance using the Linuxon the server-side and any client (Windows,
Linux, Mac, etc). When using VNC (x11vnc + SSVNC), the immediate thing I notice is that UI seems to
paint the changed portions of the screen from top to bottom but, using Webex it seems very natural and just like my
own local desktop! That's probably because of Webex only sends the Vector graphicsof changed items only.

Do you have any other software suggestions on the Linux platform to give the Vector graphic like updates as Webex? Or, is this some client viewer (vncviewer,
ssvnc, etc) configuration when using the VNC protocol (vncserver or
x11vnc on the server side). Does the current xorg X server support querying changes as vector graphics? If yes, does it
have a WebEx like or VNC client/server product to go along with it?

Sandeep Khanna

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