Support for screen changes as vector graphics like Webex

Paul Hartman paul.hartman+gentoo at
Thu Jul 23 20:00:56 PDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Sandeep
Khanna<sandeep_p_khanna at> wrote:
> With NeatX, X2Go, FreeNX, NoMachine NX, the real question is can these
> solutions use an existing X session just like x11vnc
> ( does and export the screen changes as
> vector graphics similar what WebEx does. x11vnc just export the screen
> changes by sending a snapshot of the entire screen (only the changed
> portions ofcourse) back to the client which is the typical VNC protocol.

I can't tell you specifics about how its protocol is built, but NX is
not passive like VNC. I believe NX actually contains a complete X
server in the client program, and uses its protocol for very efficient
display. It is very much better than RDP or VNC. I've never used WebEx
so I can't say, but NX is almost like you are sitting at the local
terminal. Even smooth scrolling in Firefox looks normal over a slow
DSL line.

NX can also act as a proxy for RDP or VNC from one local machine to
another, and use its protocol for that, though it is not as efficient
as a native NX session. used to have an example server
you can connect to and give it a try.

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