Touchscreen with Xfbdev

Lars Lockenvitz l.lockenvitz at
Fri Jul 24 01:01:53 PDT 2009


I have an embedded ARM 9 Platform with an AT91SAM9263 and want to use a 
serial touchscreen from IRTOUCH SYSTEM.
It is connected to an serialport over an FT2232D from FTDI, the driver 
for that is an userspace driver that uses uinput and communicate with 
the ts over ttyUSB0 (9600 8n1). The driver and ts worked with the test 
applications from tslib and also with the Xfbdev.
But, after starting of any X-application that uses the X (rxvt, 
matchbox) it stopped working. The events comming from the touchscreen 
even not recognised by the FTDI.
Btw: A normal USB-mouse work fine all the time!

It looks like someone change my serial port settings or something.

Does anyone have a suggestion for that or something I should try?


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