multiseat, -sharevts, and suspend/hibernate

Arun Mittal arun.mittalb at
Tue Jul 28 12:56:11 PDT 2009


It seems like i am doing the same thing which you are trying to do.
What did was, i started another X server. so now i have two X servers  sharing the Virtual terminal. I have 2 screens, 2 mouse, 2 graphics card of different manufacturer and one keyboard. 

I created 2 different xorg.conf for different graphics card with different resources allocated. when i boot the system up by default OS takes one xorg..conf and run one x server on one graphics card.

Now when i start second X server i pass second xorg.conf as parameter in startx which results in running x server on second screen. I can see them simultaneously but the second X server now has control of second mouse, which was expected  but first X server has lost the control of first mouse rather i would say that the first X server is freezed and i can not do any thing in
 the first screen. 

Do you have any clue why has it happened.

I will really appreciate your responce.

Arun Mittal


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