glxgear output mangled with intel+855GM

dolphinling lists at
Wed Jul 29 04:24:29 PDT 2009

Robert Schwebel wrote:
> Hi,
> I've the latest set of packets running on an industrial motion
> controller system with 855GM hardware. The graphics is coming up nicely
> in general, but glxgears doesn't work correctly. Here's how the output
> looks like:
> Involved versions:
> 	Mesa-7.5
> 	xf86-video-intel-2.8.0
> 	xorg-server-
> Does anyone have an idea what went wrong?
> rsc

What version's your kernel? That looks like what I had a while back on an 845, 
and IIRC it was a kernel update that fixed it. I'm currently running a 
drm-intel-next kernel, I don't remember exactly when it was fixed but my bet 
would be that current stable has it at least.


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